Does your brand reflect where you want to be as an organisation?

Your brand is the impression you make and the expectations you create. Are you clearly communicating who you are and what you stand for? 

We take a strategic approach to branding, let us help you.

We combine strategy and design to develop impactful brands that help you grow your business.

Making a pretty logo is one thing but branding is so much more than a coat of paint. A brand is about perception. Perception is the result of one or many impressions.

You create impressions not only through what your brand looks like but through what your organisation says and does. Making the right impression(s) is crucial.

Musemiotics helps your business create consistent and long lasting impressions that communicate who you are and what you stand for.

In order to voice and deliver on your brand promise we go through three steps:

To effectively advise you we first need to understand your business. Inside out. This happens through research and conversations in and outside of your organisation.

We look to understand your environment and market to know where you are now, and where you want to be; so that we can find out how to best take you there. At this stage we establish your needs and objectives.



By the end of the process you will have everything you need to execute your brand strategy and deliver on your promise.





With our understanding we work to define your key proposition and your target customers. We craft a strong core message, the promise on which your brand is built.

The promise should be inspirational to you and attractive to your customers. It will be the basis for your tailored brand strategy which will inform any decision going forward and turn words into concrete actions.

We translate promise and strategy into creative output. We take everything we have learnt so far and pour it into designing your brand.

We will design a logo, a visual identity, and a website, and we will also determine the best media to communicate your promise and design for that as well.

Here is how we helped some of our clients:



Cobotical provide automation and cobot services to help companies stay competitive in the age of automation. Their services range from training sessions to full stack cobot system development.

"Musemiotics really came through on our website, from concept to execution, and their ongoing support has helped us further strengthen our brand"
- Jack, Commercial Director

vivid kite

Branding + Website

vivid kite is a recruitment firm specialising in IT recruitment. They pride themselves in finding the right people by having strong networks and strong knowledge of the IT space.

"Musemiotics combine artistic talent with the ability to really tell a story through a brand. With dedication and creativity they helped us refine our message and convey our internal image outwards. From initial idea-generation to technical implementation, they're the ones to do it. Awesome work! Thanks!" - Sebastian, Director



We were approached by a German juice trader/wholesaler considering a merger with one of it's largest suppliers. The brief was to come up with a new brand to unite the companies under one banner.

"Exactly what I needed." - Kay, CEO

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